Wavesurf was founded with the aim of connecting the public with experienced and committed practitioners working to alleviate emotional difficulties and promote psychological health.

As a group we have the following goals:

  • To promote psychological wellbeing through education and therapeutic connections
  • To represent the profession of psychotherapy and counselling in the highest, yet realistic, light
  • To normalise therapy, helping make it as common to seek treatment for our emotional concerns as it is for physical difficulties

Our core values are:

  • A belief in the human potential for change and improvement
  • The importance of personal growth and long term health
  • The belief that therapy, in a safe and supportive setting, can help us surmount many of life’s challenges

Our Team

Wavesurf is being run and managed by these magical people!

Zehrish Shahkar
People's Person
Rimsha Amin
Digital Dynamo

Work with us

We are actively looking for volunteers. Please email us hello[at]wavesurf[dot]co if you want to get involved.


We would like your constructive feedback so that the therapists can better serve existing and future clients. Please email us hello[at]wavesurf[dot]co to submit any comments you have about how we can improve.

Have you had a good experience through us? Do let us know so we can use this to promote the work of dedicated therapists who can help others.